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For me, CP is a voice for people who have no voice, or people who think they have no voice. It will speak for you. It will teach you to speak for yourself. It will teach you how to teach others to speak for themselves and stand up for what’s right. – Greg V., Citizens Project supporter

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Community Transit Coalition- Transit Matters Rally

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Join Citizens Project at The Transit Matters Rally on Monday, October 20 from 4:30pm-5:30pm. The march will end and begin at City Hall.

On the day City Council deliberates the 2015 budget we’re bringing together the invested citizens of our community for a rally, march, and giveaway. If transit matters to you, spend an hour having your voice heard! We’ll have costumes, giveaways, speakers and a generally fun time celebrating transit in our community and voicing the transportation needs of the residents of Colorado Springs.

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