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For me, CP is a voice for people who have no voice, or people who think they have no voice. It will speak for you. It will teach you to speak for yourself. It will teach you how to teach others to speak for themselves and stand up for what’s right. – Greg V., Citizens Project supporter

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Citizens Project educates, empowers local churches to protect their tax-exempt status.

Every year, there is an effort to undermine IRS regulations regarding electioneering by tax-exempt organizations, called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” In response, this month Citizens Project sent letters to over 350 local churches to make them aware of conflicts that could potentially arise this election season and how to protect their IRS 501(c)3 status.

We are committed to being a resource to faith communities as they endeavor to engage in dialogue with church members about policy issues related to their faith while not jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. The letter highlighted guidelines of activities that faith communities must avoid and also activities that are permitted to be in compliance
with IRS regulations.¬†Read the letter here…

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