There’s an app for that? HRC’s “Buying for Equality” iPhone app

Thanks Amy Gillentine at the Colorado Springs Business Journal for reporting:

The Human Rights Campaign released the first-ever “Buying for Equality” iPhone application. This guide will allow shoppers to access its guide for equality as they are shopping to see how hundreds of popular American brands are rated based on the businesses’ treatment of their LGBT employees.

Now let’s make the City of Colorado Springs eligible for inclusion on the “good list” by passing Plus One employee health benefits, which includes domestic partners (gay and straight)! Here is the latest Gazette Opinion piece in support.

1 Reply to "There's an app for that? HRC's “Buying for Equality” iPhone app"

  • Grady Lucas
    March 30, 2010 (4:15 pm)

    Thank you for developing this application. While it has forced me to make some difficult choices. I now have the information I need to spend my gay dollars wisely.

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