Texas Board of Education re-writes history

Educators, historians, journalists and commentators all over the country are decrying the decision by the Texas Board of Education to approve highly politicized revisions to public school curriculum.

Thanks to the Texas Freedom Network for this round-up:

A San Francisco Chronicle columnist sharply criticizes the State Board of Education’s rewriting of Texas social studies standards.

San Francisco Chronicle

Historians on Tuesday criticized proposed revisions to the Texas social studies curriculum, saying that many of the changes are historically inaccurate and that they would affect textbooks and classrooms far beyond the state’s borders.

Washington Post

The San Antonio Express-News says the “latest example of SBOE incompetence springs from the same source as other outrages: The inability of social conservatives on the state board to distinguish between ideology and education.”

San Antonio Express-News

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, director of the U.S. Latino & Latina World War II Oral History Project at the University of Texas School of Journalism, says the Texas State Board of Education apparently wasn’t listening as witnesses came from across the state to urge members to consider the inclusion of more Hispanic Americans in social studies curriculum standards.

Austin American-Statesman

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have now, in their characteristic ways, weighed in on the Texas State Board of Education.

Colbert Report

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

2 Replies to "Texas Board of Education re-writes history"

  • Jakeredwing
    March 19, 2010 (4:23 pm)

    Once again we see ignorance trumphs science! On the Daily Show, we the school board director state;”Someone has to stand up to the experts”. Nothing else can be said!

  • Jane Doe
    May 22, 2010 (9:48 am)

    It looks like the Christian Taliban (right wing extremists) have now found a back door to legally push there narrow minded views on our children.
    These right wing extremists are going out of there way to divide this country. They want to push our government to be just like them thus force the rest of us to live like they think we should live.
    Whats wrong with sticking to the facts about history and leaving opinions out of it!

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