Anti-racist work in Colorado Springs

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Ongoing work

  • As a part of our work in anti-racism, we must continue educating ourselves. If you are white, you must put in the work every day to understand your whiteness and the racism you hold. Join us in these vital discussions. We are hosting a regular book discussion group, where we will read various texts together. This is an ongoing group, but new people are always welcome to join. Send an email to if you want to join us, and we will set up dates to meet that work best for everyone.

Reading, Listening, Watching List

  • When They See Us, available on Netflix
  • Who Killed Malcolm X?, available on Netflix
  • Just Mercy, available on Youtube
  • I Am Not Your Negro- James Baldwin and Race in America, available on Kanopy (through PPLD)
  • 13th, available on Netflix