County Commission District 4

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Longinos Gonzalez Jr. (R)

  • Contact Information

    E-Mail: Website: Phone: 719-203-7168

  • What are your qualifications for this position?

    I have an extensive range of experience and leadership that will prove valuable on our board of commissioners. I have worked successfully in the military, agriculture, education and small business, and alongside law enforcement. I have years of budgeting experience from my time in the military and business which includes multi-million dollar AF projects, and have provided input on land use and veterans issues at commissioner and council meetings. I helped save local residents $1.35 million this past year and will bring this same efficiency and fiscal responsibility to the county level. I have worked successfully with multi-agency organizations and managed numerous offices and personnel at various levels. I am a volunteer/appointed member on a city police and fire department committee. Because District 4 includes Fort Carson, vast plains/farmland, and municipalities of various sizes, my extensive background and experience fits our district best of all candidates.

  • What are the two most pressing issues facing the county and how will you address them?

    -Strengthening Public Safety (Sheriff and Fire): Improving emergency response times; increasing efficiency through combined training, 911/dispatch & communication with local municipalities; fighting illegal marijuana grows -Water, Roads & Infrastructure: Water contamination issues in District 4 and county-wide stormwater concerns must be fixed. I will also address worsening roads and infrastructure issues, and prioritize them for improvement. I will fight for increased budgeting for the above areas of emphasis. Additionally, I believe a thorough audit of the budget will identify efficiencies that can better fund these critical functions for the county. Cutting administrative “red tape” and streamlining the permit process will improve the local business climate and lead to increased revenues without raising taxes that can further fund county priorities -In addition to the above two, I will also fight to strengthen our local military bases and work with other local/state officials to defend them from future cuts

  • What should the county's budget priorities be and how will you fund those priorities?

    This would be similar to the above priorities: Strengthening Public Safety (Sheriff and Fire); Water, Roads & Infrastructure, plus -Water Concerns & Disaster Recovery: We must fix the water contamination issue in District 4. Additionally, fire & flood are a threat, so we must prepare effectively. I will emphasize these areas in upcoming budgets. Additionally, I believe a budget audit will identify efficiencies that can better fund these critical functions. Cutting administrative “red tape” and streamlining the permit process will improve the local business climate and lead to increased revenues without raising taxes that can further fund priorities

  • Recently the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution opposing the relocation of refugees to El Paso County. Do you support that resolution - why or why not?

    The resolution only opposes the relocation of refugees to the county until each is vetted and certified by the federal government. In light of several documented and reported serious shortfalls in the vetting process this past year, this resolution appears a prudent public safety measure until proper vetting is confirmed.

  • Nationally, there have been efforts on the part of state and local governments to allow for refusal of service to customers when such service conflicts with the business owner’s religious beliefs. Would you support a similar effort in El Paso County?

    I believe in less regulation rather than overregulation. This allows for the most flexibility in dealing with unique issues and situations. Locally, we must comply with state law, but I will always fight to defend those rights guaranteed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • What would you do to bolster systems and increase access to essential county services for traditionally underrepresented and underserved communities, particularly those for whom traveling to the Citizens Service Center is a hardship?

    I am a proponent of our various transportation services, and expanding access to county services to areas that are underserved. Retirees, the underrepresented, as well as handicapped, make up a significant portion of those that rely on and have difficulty accessing these services. I have been vocal of ensuring adequate access and funding for these services. I am already working with non-profits and county leadership to identify a satellite office option in an area where the underserved and underrepresented live. Maintaining strong transit, work force and senior centers, and access for those in need benefits all our communities and businesses.

  • The Pikes Peak Region has yet to fully leverage the strength of its arts, culture, and creative community as a means for tourism, branding, end economic development. How would you utilize your elected office to promote the area as a regional cultural destination?

    Working regionally, we must promote our local assets better. These include Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, Olympic City designation and training center, local museums, and many more. We should integrate cultural and arts activities into our various and well known events. I’ve already recommended an Olympic themed art competition to coincide with the opening of the planned Olympic Museum. Visiting Olympic or professional athletes should be invited to participate in coordinated art or cultural events (ie. a hosted luncheon open to the public at one of our museums) which bring positive publicity and business.

  • As a County Commissioner, what would you do to ensure a balance between promoting job growth and sustainable development in El Paso County?

    I have been promoting sustainable, moderate growth for our region. To maximize business and yet not stress our systems, we must not exceed our infrastructure and public safety response capabilities. Cutting “red tape,” emphasizing, mixed-use projects, and regionalization and cooperation with our local municipalities will allow us to efficiently promote growth and sustain a strong economic recovery. Efficient use of energy (with a growing emphasis on renewables over time) and our water resources will allow us to sustain this into the future while keeping tax and utility rates low which will make us a competitive location for new business.

  • If elected, what will you do to enhance and improve collaboration with other government agencies, particularly the City of Colorado Springs?

    I will bring an ability to unite others behind common goals. I have demonstrated great success working with multi-agency organizations and am respected for my ability to work with others and listen to ideas. I will meet regularly with other government agencies and councils and promote cost saving regionalization, where appropriate. I have the broadest range of support from local leaders (elected and private citizens) because they know I will be a voice for all. I have built strong relationships to county leadership, city council members, and leaders of non-profits and community organizations that will help us get things done.

  • Personal Information

    Education: M.S. Science Education (Florida International University), B.S. Political Science (US Air Force Academy) Occupation: Retired Air Force Officer / Current Teacher

Liz Rosenbaum (D)

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