Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute

Each spring, Citizens Project Hosts the Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute, a seminar on how the First Amendment to the US Constitution protects religious freedom in public schools. For teachers, students, parents, administrators, staff, school board members, and the public.

“[The Citizens Project Citizens Religious Freedom Institute] was a great professional development opportunity. I believe it should be a requirement for all administrators in school districts or at least the principals. I continue to see violations of what was presented which is not aligned with developing ’21st Century Learners.’ Thank YOU for all that you do to represent all citizens.” – Jeanne W., Citizens Project Supporter, 2016

CRFI 2013

CRFI 2013

Participants learn:

  • How the law defines religious freedom in the public school setting,
  • Best practices for respecting all students’ religious freedom, and
  • How to be an advocate for religious freedom in your school.

In-service credit for teachers is available. Textbook and supplemental materials are provided to all participants.

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Check back for the 2017 Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute date.

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