About Us


Discussion at the Volunteer Open House 2012

Citizens Project is a local grassroots nonprofit, 501(c)3, organization dedicated to defending and promoting equality, the separation of church and state, and respect for diversity – the principles on which our nation was founded. We educate the community through our online newsletter and nonpartisan voter guides, we monitor local government and public schools to ensure that rights and freedoms are upheld, and we mobilize residents to make their voices heard.


Citizens Project spotlights issues in the Pikes Peak region and mobilizes people to strengthen the traditional values of our nation: equal rights, individual freedoms, separation of church and state, civic engagement, and respect for diversity.


We envision a Pikes Peak community that is a vibrant democracy in which equal rights are protected, individual freedoms are secure, differences are respected, and people fully participate in civic and community life.

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Who We Are:

Citizens Project is a fearless, bold advocate and an engaging voice that empowers and challenges our entire community to embrace equality, diversity, and separation of church and state.

What We Are Passionate about:

We are galvanized to create a community that values and champions respect of differences, justice, and engaged citizenship.

What We Are Best At:

Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we inform and empower individuals to engage in the community; we monitor and protect equality for all.