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Citizens Project is a fearless, bold advocate and an engaging voice that empowers and challenges our entire community to embrace equity, inclusion, and justice.

A trusted advocate for justice and equity in the Pikes Peak Region for over 25 years.

Citizens Project Statement on Critical Race Theory
Citizens Project is opposed to the banning of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and training programs.
Opponents of CRT—including politicians such as former President Trump, Congressman Lamborn, and others—wrongfully claim that CRT is divisive because it argues that White Americans are inherently racist and that people of color are victims of White Americans in all aspects of life.
In fact, CRT argues that racism is systemic, that people of different races are not treated equally in our laws and policies, and that—as a society—we have the ability to change laws and policies to create true equity and equality for all. CRT does not argue that people are inherently racist, but that institutions are racist if they are structured in a way that perpetuates racial discrimination.
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What We Do
  • We make sure everyone is included in the local political process through civic engagement efforts including our voter guides, election forums, and voter registration efforts.
  • We work tirelessly to monitor our local and state government to ensure they uphold our values of equity, inclusion, and justice. We keep community members in the Pikes Peak Region informed about what happens in their government through calls to action, our annual Legislator Report Card, and community educational meetings. We work in coalition with other community partners to ensure transparency and accountability in our public institutions.
  • We are your local resource for advice on civic engagement, equity, inclusion, and justice. Contact us if you would like to talk!
  • We work for and are built by the community. From our Creating Community Breakfast to community educational events, our work is also about building relationships with diverse partners so we can work towards the common goal of making our community a place that serves everyone.
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