Discussion on Colorado’s Prison System and Racial Profiling

Discussion on Colorado’s Prison System and Racial Profiling
Town Hall meeting with:

State Representative Dennis Apuan (D-Colorado Springs) and State Senate Majority Leader John Morse (D-Colorado Springs)

Criminal Justice and the Colorado Prison System including:
o    Racial profiling and police discrimination
o    Corrections and the state budget
o    Sentencing reform
o    An update on the policy recommendations of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

ALL are welcome. There will be an opportunity for Q&A. Bring your questions, your friends, your family and co-workers to discuss issues affecting our community.

Saturday November 21, 2009
11:00 AM-1:00PM

Ruth Holley Public Library
685 North Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs, 80915


Ø    A Representative from the El Paso County Sherrif’s Office
Ø    Christie Donner, Executive Director, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
Ø    Mike Krause, Director of Operations–The Justice Policy Initiative, Independence Institute
Ø    Art Way, Racial Profiling and Police Discrimination Hotline Coordinator, Colorado Progressive Coalition

Colorado’s prison population has grown 604% since 1980, while the population of the state grew by only 59%.
·    The odds of a male born in 2001 going to prison during his lifetime are: 1 in 3 for African Americans, 1 in 6 for Latinos, and 1 in 17 for Caucasians.
·    The State of Colorado spends more on corrections than on higher education.
·    Colorado is a Balanced Budget state so our state constitution requires that we balance our budget every year.  As a result, every $1 spent on corrections is $1 we cannot spend elsewhere.

Tip: Think you may have experienced racial profiling or police discrimination?
The Profiling and Police Discrimination Hotline can assist you in filing a complaint:  1-866-329-0908

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