Join the Conversation!

You may have been wondering who is behind those provocative messages appearing on billboards, bus shelters, on TV, in newspapers, online and around town:

Well, it’s us: Citizens Project. We hope our ad campaign will make people think. We know it made some people mad. But our ultimate goal is to start a conversation. A conversation about true American values – diversity, equality and religious freedom, including the separation of church and state. A conversation about our differences. And about how to live together while preserving equal rights for everyone in the community.

How YOU Can Join the Conversation

We are a grassroots community organization powered by residents as volunteers, supporters and advocates. Together we can give voice to our shared values. Make a difference today:

  • Attend a neighborhood conversation – this week we will announce dates and location for informal, get-to-know-your-neighbors gatherings to meet and discuss
  • Join our email list and invite your friends to do the same, so you can receive updates about the issues and invitations to community-creating events in your neighborhood
  • Tell us your story: why does religious freedom, equality, diversity and civic engagement matter to you?

Over the past 18 years Citizens Project has been a grassroots voice for respecting differences, protecting equality, and promoting civic engagement, so we can all live together while preserving the fundamental rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution for everyone. There are wide political and cultural gulfs in our community. And if we want to defend and protect the fundamental American values of liberty and equality for all, then we need to make a community commitment to respect those differences, while letting others hold onto their beliefs without limiting their rights and freedoms.

Please join us!

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