Upcoming Election Education Forums

Citizens Project, in conjunction with the Colorado Springs Independent, is proud to host two upcoming Election Education Forums to engage and inform community members on upcoming November election ballot measures on Wednesday, October 6 and Tuesday October 19, from 5 – 7 pm at Stargazers Theatre and Event Center. We are also delighted to invite you to join us on September 20 at an El Paso County Clerk and Recorder debate sponsored by the Constitutionalist Today and the Colorado Springs Independent.

Clerk and Recorder Debate

September 20, 6pm to 7pm
Colorado Springs Christian School Auditorium
4845 Mallow Rd, 80907
Free admission

Decision 2010: Election Education Forum
Wednesday October 6, 2010, 5 – 7pm
Stargazers Theatre

Featuring County Commission District 5 Candidates Peggy Littleton and Mike Merrifield, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Candidates Tom Mowle and Wayne Williams, Fiscal Measures 60, 61, and 101, and the El Paso County Medical Marijuana issue.

Decision 2010: Election Education Forum
Tuesday October 19, 2010, 5 – 7pm
Stargazers Theatre

Featuring State Legislature Candidates Pete Lee and Karen Cullen, Ballot Measure 62, and the Colorado Springs strong mayor proposal.

We at Citizens Project hope that you’ll join us in educating the community about important issues and our local candidates before casting your vote on November 2!

Additional support for the Citizens Project/Colorado Springs Independent Election Education Forums provided by:

Citizens Project thanks our media panel: the Colorado Springs Business Journal, the Colorado Springs Independent, The Gazette, and KRCC.

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