Longtime anonymous donor creates legacy through bequest of $21,000 to Citizens Project

Citizens Project was fortunate enough to receive an unexpected year-end legacy gift, and announced today a $21,000 contribution from an anonymous donor who supported the organization for nearly 15 years before passing away this year. In an economic climate where many nonprofits are seeing decreases in community support, planned gifts can make a significant impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

“This generous planned gift is an inspiration and testament to the importance of separation of church and state, diversity, equality and civic engagement in the Pikes Peak region,” said Kristy Milligan, Executive Director. “We are so honored to be the beneficiaries of this amazing gesture, and only wish we could have thanked the donor personally.”

Citizens Project is calling on current supporters who have planned a gift to the organization to notify staff or board members, allowing them to express their gratitude while the donor is still alive. Donors are encouraged to call the office at 719-520-9899 if they have designated a legacy gift to the nonprofit.

Citizens Project is funded primarily through individual contributions to support its mission and work to advance religious freedom, equality, diversity and civic engagement. Since its inception in 1992, the organization has received three significant memorial or legacy contributions totaling $150,000.

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