Give! unites Air Force Academy cadets with the community!

Hello! My name is Cory Sabet.  I happen to be  in the middle of my second year at the Air Force Academy where I am majoring in political science.  I enjoy playing soccer and tennis whenever I get the chance and I love to read, travel, and experience as many things which might change my perspective on life.  I began volunteering with Citizens Project since about midway through last semester through the Give! Campaign.  Thanks to you all, this was a great success.

As I am sure that you are all aware, the Academy differs from a normal university.  We spend quite a bit of time working not only on our education, but also enhancing our leadership and athletic skills through a variety of experiences unique to this place.

What I have noticed in my own experience as a cadet is that I tend to work so hard in all of these things I sometimes lose sight of the community.  As someone who cares immensely about culture, society, and the roots of its problems and successes, I personally would really like to devote myself to getting out and volunteering as much as possible.

I look forward to getting more involved with the community, but also helping the community become more involved with the Academy, as I feel with have much to offer to each other.  For example, I will be working to help bring the Colorado College and USAFA choirs together, as interest was expressed by a member of the community.  If there is anything of this nature that you would like to get involved in, I would love to help you in any capacity that I am able; whether that be putting you in contact with someone, rallying volunteers for your cause, or simply coming to help myself!  My email is

Thanks, and I really look forward to working with you to help Colorado Springs be the best that we all can make it!

Cory Sabet

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