Election Season Rolls On…

In 2010, Colorado Springs voters made history by approving a ballot measure that creates a “strong mayor.” Seven candidates campaigned for your vote in the April 5, 2011 municipal election. As the results were announced, it became obvious that Colorado Springs was headed for a runoff election.

The City Charter requires a runoff election for the top two vote-getters in the event no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote. These candidates are Richard Skorman and Steve Bach, who received 35.85% and 33.41%, respectively.

Steve Bach
Richard Skorman

Thus the battle begins. So far, the candidates have squared off at one debate, and there are more in the works before the May 17 election deadline.

So what will make the difference in the runoff election? YOU!


Voters who received a mail ballot for the April 5 election will also receive a mail ballot for the May 17 runoff. If you did not vote in the November 2010 election and have not updated your registration status with the City Clerk’s office, you are considered inactive and will not receive a mail ballot for the runoff election, unless you follow these simple steps:  

  • Voters with no recent changes of name or address can go to the City Clerk’s Office, 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 101, with identification, to request a mail ballot. An inactive voter ballot request document is also available for download at the City of Colorado Springs website. You may mail  or hand-deliver this request  at least a week prior to the election (if you’re mailing it, please allow adequate time for processing and mailing).
  • Voters who have a name or address change must first get an updated Voter Registration form from one of the three El Paso County Election Offices. The downtown office is Centennial Hall, 200 S Cascade Avenue, open M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. You may then go to the City Clerk’s Office to request a mail ballot.

More information on the election process can be found on the City of Colorado Springs website.


If you haven’t yet decided who you will support for Colorado Springs Strong Mayor, here’s all the information you could want, and more:

Candidate websites:



Voter Guides (some include content for other candidates):

Citizens Project’s Freedom Watch Voter Guide

Colorado Springs Independent Voter Guide (includes endorsements)

Downtown Partnership Candidate Survey

The Gazette Voter Guide and Endorsements

Greater CS Chamber of Commerce Endorsements

Focus on the Family Candidate Survey

KRCC Voter Guide

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