Citizens Project responds to graduation ceremonies at churches

Citizens Project recognizes that there are many factors at play for schools and districts when selecting graduation ceremony sites. However, just last year, a federal district court in Connecticut determined that holding graduation ceremonies in religious environments violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and there is significant legal precedent to substantiate this finding. (See Does v. Enfield Public Schools; Musgrove v. Brevard County School Board; Lemke v. Black; Spacco v. Bridgewater School Department.)

As your local organization devoted to religious freedom, we believe that every student has a right to a quality, religiously neutral public education spanning from kindergarten to graduation. Citizens Project supports our local schools through our education programs, including our annual Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute and targeted outreach, such as our December Dilemma mailing about best practices to protect students’ religious freedom around the holidays. These programs help schools, teachers, and administrators create inclusive academic environments and save taxpayer money by decreasing exposure to unnecessary litigation.

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