Active or Inactive? Fighting for the right to vote!

You may remember the confusion around active/inactive voter status last spring during the Colorado Springs Municipal Elections. That confusion has gone statewide in this fall’s general election, with Pueblo and Denver Counties wanting to send ballots to voters who have been deemed inactive.

In September, Secretary of State Scott Gessler filed a lawsuit against the Denver County Clerk  to stop her from mailing ballots to “inactive fail to vote” voters, or those who did not vote in the last general election in 2010. The case was heard Friday, October 7, and a District Court Judge refused to issue a preliminary injunction, enabling County Clerks to send ballots to “inactive fail to vote” voters, including military personnel serving overseas. This effort to stop eligible voters from accessing the ballot box, and using taxpayer dollars to do it, is deeply concerning to Citizens Project. We will keep you posted as this important issue develops.

Additional Information:

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Articles about Pueblo and our partner, Colorado Common Cause, intervening in the litigation.

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