Citizens Project Reaches Out to Local Schools Regarding Holidays, Colorado HB 1254

Last week, Citizens Project distributed copies of the Anti-Defamation League’s December Dilemma to nearly 200 local schools, urging educators to respect the First Amendment rights of every student and ensure that no child feels left out of or disrespected by holiday celebrations. The organization also included information prepared by the Safe @ School Coalition about recently-passed HB 1254, an anti-bullying measure to keep young people safe at school.

The mailing is intended to raise awareness around the laws and constitutional protections afforded to all students, during the holiday season and beyond. The accompanying packet of information included best practice recommendations for inclusive holiday celebrations, a broad overview of HB 1254, frequently asked questions about the bill, and info about Citizens Project’s upcoming Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute.

“We believe that students perform best in safe and inclusive academic environments,” said Kristy Milligan, executive director of Citizens Project. “By providing these resources to local teachers and administrators, we hope to support them in their efforts to comply with the law and help all their students achieve academic excellence.”

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