Will you be a fair elections hero?

The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights afforded to American citizens. Yet recently there has been a growing trend of nefarious tactics aimed at preventing voters from exercising this most important right.

Across the country, there have been a multitude of examples where voters have been targeted with false information to prevent them from voting, in an effort to influence the outcome of an election.  Examples include distribution of flyers advertising the wrong election date, robo calls with false information about the election, and fraudulent changing of party registrations.

Many states have laws against tricking people into not voting, but the dishonest practice of lying to voters is still legal in Colorado. State law prohibits voter “intimidation,” but not intentional tricks designed to keep people away from the polls without the use of threats.  This needs to change.

Colorado Senate Bill 147, introduced last Friday by Senator Irene Aguilar, would add lying to voters about the time, place or manner of an election to the list of acts prohibited by our Election Code. Learn more about this reasonable patch to a hole in our state’s voter protection laws.

We all need to step and protect the fairness of voting in Colorado.  Let your voice be heard. Be a hero for fair elections TODAY, and sign the Colorado Common Cause petition for Fairness in Voting.

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