The importance of elections

The El Paso County Primary Elections were eclipsed in the media last week by the Waldo Canyon Fire, and it’s easy to see why. However, we applaud the election department in their efforts to accommodate eligible voters across the county in casting their ballots, and we were excited to see decent turnout despite the imminent danger of the fire. Check out the results here.

Why are elections so important? Because, as the community-wide emergency unfolded, we saw a lot of our elected leaders; from City Council members to the President of the United States. Citizens Project believes that the question “Who do you want making decisions for your community?” is never more important than it is in times of distress.

And, as you know, the election season is only beginning. There will be a special municipal election in Colorado Springs on August 28, in addition to the general election on November 6.

We encourage you to ensure that your voice is heard in all upcoming elections today:

In 2011, there was a lot of confusion about inactive/active voter status. If you ordinarily vote by mail, or if you’ve missed an election, Citizens Project encourages you to register as a Permanent Mail-In Voter.

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