Capturing Community & Salvaging Hope

What do you do when a fire descends into your neighborhood or city?

If you’re like we were over the last few weeks, you were alternately transfixed on the news, Facebook & Twitter (who knew the last two could be so useful?), grieving alone or with loved ones, and taking small steps to help, or to bring your own corner of the world a little bit of normalcy.

With rare exception, people are at their best in times of distress. The last several weeks have shown heroic efforts of our firefighters, forest service and police personnel. Support services offered by big and small charities. Acts of kindness at the very personal level: people opening their homes, checkbooks and pantries. Unusual allies banding together.

At Citizens Project, we always knew our community was capable of this triumphant strength and solidarity. And we always hoped it wouldn’t take a tragedy to find it.

But find it we have, and if the only way to community is through this disaster, so be it. But let’s capture the “we’re all in this together” spirit and extend it to all facets of protecting our community and beyond 2012. Let’s grieve, save what we can, and rebuild. Let’s salvage hope, and, as TK Hofmann beseeched us at the Creating Community Breakfast this year, let’s build up.



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