Who Would Be There?

Remarks by June Waller, delivered at Citizens Project’s 2012 Creating Community Breakfast on June 7

I see this very small efficient organization called Citizens Project with two employees and dozens of volunteers as a dynamo of energy that open the eyes and minds of Colorado citizens.

Why? Because a lack of information or much misinformation is harmful to any community.

Without CP what would we miss? How would we, the poor, the minority, and those with DIFFERENT LIFESTYLES keep our voices strong?

We tend to think of only some sectors of our community as having a different lifestyle.  I strongly disagree.  Some of us in the minority community and many of us designated as within the poor community have different lifestyles to include cultural differences.

Because we are smaller in size, both the poor and those of color, we account for a minority view.

I say a student has a different lifestyle than an adult. The fundamental religious have different lifestyles than the non- denominational Christian.  As an individual raised as a Catholic, I see life differently than those raised in a synagogue.  That’s what culture does, it affords you to pick and choose those issues and life’s journeys that are important to you, the individual, not the world.

We must do all within our power, each of us, to access factual information and determine how any specific action or issue affects what we have learned and built on through life.

What better factual information will you find than words right out of the mouth of those requesting to be our political leaders, requesting for you to trust them to do what’s right for you?

I speak of the Voter Guides printed before each election, where we find out the thoughts and prospective actions of the candidates running for local office.  If CP were not here, who would ensure this nonpartisan action allowing us to read words coming right out of the candidate’s mouth, or hear them at election forums?  Who would be there to request transparency?  Who would be the watchdog for you, no matter your income level, your race, or your lifestyle?

I place our Citizens Project heads and shoulders above other advocacy groups.  Why?   They advocate for all sectors of our community and work cooperatively with many other organizations to inform their memberships.

That is why I celebrate, with you today, Citizens Project’s 20 years in this community.

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