Make a difference with Concrete Couch and Citizens Project!

Many years ago, one of our supporters sponsored a section of trail near Middle Shooks Run Park in Citizens Project’s name.  We were – and are – grateful for the opportunity to be a part of keeping Colorado Springs beautiful. Recently, another organization that makes our community shine, Concrete Couch, contacted us about an opportunity to collaborate.

On Friday, September 21, Concrete Couch will be spearheading an effort to rejuvenate Middle and North Shooks Run Park, including the Citizens Project stretch of trail.  They have 300 volunteers signed up to help that day, and they need team leaders to direct energetic college students in multiple projects.  The time commitment is minimal (an hour or so or planning work sometime in advance and a “leader shift” from 1-4pm on September 21), but the potential impact is maximum!

We hope you’ll join us! Please RSVP directly to Carol, and contact her for more information about projects! Learn more about Concrete Couch by clicking the link above.

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