Community Religious Leaders Launch New Column in Colorado Springs Independent

“In Good Faith” addresses questions about beliefs, family and culture

Starting in May, leaders within the faith community of Colorado Springs will be contributing to a new column in the Colorado Springs Independent.

The bi-monthly advice column, “In Good Faith,” will debut on May 1st and will feature a candid but civil exchange between the Rev. Ahriana Platten, minister at Unity in the Rockies and Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family. The Rev. Benjamin Broadbent, senior minister at First Congregational Church, will engage Daly later in the month.

Twice each month these faith leaders and others will engage in civil dialogue. While tackling controversial topics they’ll attempt to answer people’s questions about worldview and culture in every-day life. The column creates a safe space where sensitive subjects can be discussed with varying views presented in a respectful but direct manner.

“We’re grateful for this opportunity to engage different perspectives and have true dialogue with leaders in the community,” said Daly. “It’s important that we can come together and have civil conversation about these issues that are so important to today’s families.”

Platten and Broadbent agree. “This is an opportunity for readers to take a real look at common-thread problems and situations to see how our responses may vary” says Platten. “And a chance to see not only where we are different, but also where we are alike” adds Broadbent. Both ministers are looking forward to questions from the Independent’s readership.

“We are excited that these local religious organizations have decided to utilize the Independent to share their areas of disagreement as well as agreement,” said John Weiss, the publisher of the region’s largest locally owned newspaper. “Most advertisers are trying to sell a product or service. These faith-based scholars are going after folks’ minds and especially their hearts.”

Readers are encouraged to submit questions for the column and send them to

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