Creating a Business-Friendly Community

by Rick Wehner
An essential key to ensuring all rights and freedoms are granted to all, is the financial ability to support entities such as Citizens Project who work so hard to improve the lives of those who may not be enjoying all the rights and respect they deserve. One component of this is a strong and vibrant local economy to offer work and financial resources that we may support worthy causes.

To have a truly ‘Business Friendly’ community is ensuring that our community is viewed as a truly inclusive and accepting community for all regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation; often, this is not the view many around the country hold of Colorado Springs. Perhaps we can ‘work this issue’ right here!

BadgesThese small name badges are being offered as a means to generated enthusiasm for the idea of a community that truly is: Business Friendly.

If you want to join in and wear your ‘business friendly’ attitude on your shirt or suit and civic affairs, business meetings and as you travel, we will make available at, no charge, camera-ready artwork so your group members can have their own custom name badge. If your group does not have badge printing capability, we can provide you with the name of the shop who produces these for our employees and you can just order direct. You can email Donna at: project.unity (at)

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