An open letter to the Pikes Peak region

Dear Pikes Peak region,

We’ve had a difficult couple of years.

We’ve watched as fires engulfed our homes and our favorite recreation areas. We’ve witnessed floods that have destroyed cars, streets and neighborhoods. We’ve lost lives.

We’ve also seen the ways in which tragedy of any kind tends to unite and bring out the best in a community, as well as the people who live in it. In times of duress, we go the extra mile to care for one another and to repair what’s been damaged.

We hug our loved ones.
We offer help to our neighbors.
We smile at strangers.
We work together.

This is the place we visit immediately following a disaster. It’s a place of kindness, dignity, humanity, compassion, collaboration.

It’s a place called community, and today, we challenge you: pack your bags.

Don’t settle for an occasional visit to the highest parts of yourself. Move in. Reside there. Occupy all the space you can.

Love others. Accept love from others when it’s offered.
Support your community. Help someone who needs it. Get behind good ideas by sharing them or donating time or money.
Reach out to someone who sees the world differently. Celebrate your common ground.
Assume the best intentions in others.
Practice kindness.

Can you imagine the difference it would make if our community sustained the type of unity we see today?

We can, and we invite you to join us.


Kristy Milligan
on behalf of Citizens Project

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