2013 General Election Voter Guide is Here!

From a young age, most American citizens have spent hours in classrooms and social situations being told how important it is to vote. We are not as frequently reminded of how important it is to make an informed vote. That is why, for the past 21 years, Citizens Project has been providing the Colorado Springs community with nonpartisan voter guides for local elections to help you make an informed decision.

Your vote is your voice in our governance and our future. At Citizens Project, we believe that school board elections are among the most important, and sometimes these races come down to a mere 100 or 200 votes. Therefore, your vote is important and your voice counts in making governance work. Educating yourself on issues and candidates is essential to the efficacy and legitimacy of the principles on which our nation was founded. We invite you to read up and vote in the upcoming election!

Our 2013 General Election Voter Guide is out today. Check the Colorado Springs Independent for a hard copy or click here to see a PDF.

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