D11 School Board Candidate Forum

On Monday, we hosted our District 11 School Board Candidate Forum. The forum was a wonderful success with many community members in attendance providing excellent questions for the candidates to answer. Joe Cole moderated the discussion with candidates Charlie Bobbitt, Al Loma, LuAnn Long, Jim Mason, Linda Mojer, and Jim Tucker.

The discussion was live-tweeted using #CPforum and you can go to Citizens Project’s twitter to see the tweeted recap. Questions asked included “Are you for or against am 66. Why or why not? If not, what could be added to improve it?” This question resulted in strong opinions from many candidates from both sides. Other questions included “D11 typically loses more student annually than others, how would you make D11 more competitive and reverse the trend?” and “What should be the role of federal and state government in local schools?”

Thank you to all our sponsors, candidates, community attendees, and our moderator from FOX 21, Joe Cole. Now it’s your turn to get out and VOTE!

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