Volunteer Spotlight: Marji Mitchell

Marji Mitchell, Volunteer Coordinator:

marji picI moved to Colorado Springs  in early 2013 from Olympia, Washington with my partner Judy. Many of our friends there regaled us with tales of  how conservative it was here…that we would have difficulty finding friends…that we wouldn’t be able to “talk politics”…you get the idea. So imagine my delight when I read about Citizens Project’s Creating Community Breakfast. Further exploration led  me to the Mission Statement and Vision. I knew then that there was hope (“It’s A Springs Thing”). I definitely wanted to become part of this organization. I spent 21 years  working in the private non-profit sector—many of those years organizing and managing volunteers. It just seemed natural for me to volunteer in that capacity with Citizens Project.  So it is with great pleasure that I say to the friends in Olympia, “let me tell you about this GREAT organization…”.

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