2015 Municipal Election- Citizens Project Voter Guide

Look for the printed guide in the Colorado Springs Independent on March 11 and Colorado Springs Business Journal on March 13 with the comprehensive content posted online!


Mayoral Candidate Responses PDF

Mayoral Candidate Responses Slideshow

Council Candidate Responses PDF

Council Candidate Responses Slideshow

District 2 Council Candidate Response PDF

District 2 Council Candidate Responses Slideshow

Candidates Questions

Citizens Project invited every candidate on the ballot to participate in the candidate survey. All responses are presented as received from the candidates, without editing for grammar, punctuation, or spelling.  All candidates were asked the following questions:

  1. What are the top two issues facing Colorado Springs and how will you address them?
  2. What is the ideal working relationship between city council and the mayor? How will you ensure a healthy and productive working relationship between these two bodies of city government?
  3. What proactive steps should council and the mayor take to gather citizen input early in discussions about city issues, and to better promote public access to government information?
  4. What is the ideal relationship between the City and its enterprises, and how can Council ensure that services provided by Colorado Springs Utilities and other enterprises remain accessible and affordable for all residents?
  5. What steps should the City of Colorado Springs take to ensure economic development and job growth in the region? In which areas and sectors should we focus?
  6. What are your plans for, or ideas about, addressing our community’s need to assist those most vulnerable in our community, particularly people experiencing homelessness?
  7. What do you see as the needs of our public transit system? How will you address those needs?
  8. How should the city address the huge backlog of capital improvement and infrastructure needs?
  9. The city is regularly asked to pass proclamations recognizing significant events in the community. Which of the following would you support and why?
  • Proclamation supporting Cinco de Mayo
  • Proclamation supporting the Everybody Welcome! Diversity Festival
  • Proclamation supporting Pride Fest
  • Proclamation supporting Small Business Week
  • Proclamation supporting National Sanctity of Human Life Day
  • Proclamation supporting Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day
  1. What role does a vibrant and well-funded arts & cultural sector play in the overall vitality of our local economy?