2015 Municipal Election Issues

City Council has proposed two changes to the City Charter to address the roles and relationships between City Council and the Mayor.

Issue 1: Shall Article IV, section 4-10 of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to except from the Mayor’s authority the execution of contracts and agreements entered into by the Colorado Springs Utilities Enterprise?

This issue affirms the City Council, in its capacity as board of directors as the governing authority of Colorado Springs Utilities, has complete authority to execute contracts and agreements for Colorado Springs Utilities.

Issue 2: Shall Article III, Section 3-10(e), Article IV, Section 4-40(c), and Article V, Section 5-20, of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs, be amended in part to provide for the appointment of a City Council Administrator by the City Council (in lieu of the Mayor) and for the direction and supervision of the City Auditor, the City Council Administrator, and their employees and assistants by the City Council?

This issue clarifies the ability of City Council to hire staff and access city resources independent of the Mayor.