Farewell from Citizens Project Intern

Dana pic

by Dana Ponce
Citizens Project Intern

We are born with a voice
Something strong and true
To speak our needs
To understand, to construe

Then as we grow
We learn to be silent
We learn to fear reactions
We become quiet

Injustice exists
You can’t deny it
We are all caught up
Resentfully compliant

Have we lost our voice?
Our one and only tool
To perfect the system
To say, “I’m no fool.”

The darkness creeps in
Where we remain frozen
Undoing good works
To unjust laws, we’re beholden

If you strive for equality
If you believe in diversity
If you desire religious freedom
If you think it a scarcity

You must use your voice
To obtain what you’re seeking
So now I must ask
…Why aren’t you speaking?

Note: We are grateful for all of the hard work that Dana has done for Citizens Project. She has been instrumental in grant seeking efforts in the past months and a wonderful presence on staff. Thank you, Dana!

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