12th Annual Creating Community Breakfast Ignites Excitement for Equality


A sensational morning filled with moving testimonies, call-to-action speeches,  talented musicians, captivating dancers, a slam poet, and a crowd of 500 citizens devoted to social justice for Colorado Springs culminated at the 12th Annual Creating Community Breakfast. Through this event, Citizens Project received nearly $45,000 in individual gifts and sponsorships that will go to support essential programs this year that bring to life diversity, equality and the separation of church and state in the Pikes Peak Region. The breakfast was a reminder of the importance of creating a safe and just society in 2016.small2016-06-02_07-36-25

The generosity of the supporters will power Citizens Project’s two-person staff to implement core programs that equip and empower the community including the 2016 General Election Voter Guide, the Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute, the Citizens Project Online News, monitoring local government, and advocating for just policies in the public sphere.

The Creating Community Breakfast attendees heard from Deb Walker about the successes of the last year and about Citizens Project’s plan to deepen impact in the coming year. Kamel Elwazeir spoke on small2016-06-02_08-05-14his decision to make the welcoming community of Colorado Springs home for his family after experiencing danger within his home country of Palestine and rejection from the country that gave him a passport, Egypt. David Dahlin vulnerably shared about his experience as a closeted-gay man working as a high profile leader in a faith-based organization who, after leaving the organization and city to live a truer life, returned to the Colorado Springs community to make it home. The CSL musicians, Ken Janzen and Kim Robards Dance filled the room with beauty and art throughout the event.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for an orange juice, eggs, and a side of diversity, small2016-06-02_07-36-11equality and separation of church and state. Promoting these ideals are challenging battles but they are worth the fight as our speakers and so many of you have experienced firsthand. We haven’t quit the fight since 1992, and with the help of our community, Citizens Project will continue to promote justice for many years to come.

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