Your 2016 Redistricting Update

Every four years, the city charter mandates that the city clerk revise the city council districts in order to equalize population between districts. As of the last redistricting process, the city code gained a rule that a redistricting committee must be formed in order to take the public’s comments into account and then develop a preliminary district map to recommend to the city clerk.

The District Process Advisory Committee has officially submitted their recommended changes to our City Clerk, Sarah Johnson, who will release her preliminary report on October 1st. Citizens Project has been extremely involved in this process, attending nearly every meeting and we are encouraged by the recommendation of the committee. Their recommendation takes notice of communities of interest as groups who should be kept in the same districts in order to maximize the power of every person’s vote. We hope that the city clerk will take the recommendation seriously as she works towards a more united community in our voting process. Redistrict map

There will be additional public comment meetings where you will be able to give your opinion on the possible changes to our districts that we will let you know about. Please take advantage of these as they truly do inform the city clerk’s final recommendation.

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Read their report here: Redistricting Preliminary Report Final

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