Election Season Recap

Election season is now over! For the past few months, Citizens Project has been hard at work in the community making sure everyone has a voice. We started off the season by writing postcards to 10,000 underrepresented voters. Each of the postcards would have a unique message to the recipient such as “Hey Neighbor, your vote matters!”

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We then proceeded to set up two separate voter forums: a ballot measure forum and a candidate forum. Each one had a great turn out and we really think they helped voters know what is on the ballot and who would represent them.

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Our voter guide then came out with all the candidates who chose to participate, and covered local issues throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

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We continued our effort to get more underrepresented voters by phone banking! We had a goal of calling 10,000 people in the Pikes Peak Region! We would make sure they knew where they could drop off their ballots and answer any other questions they might have about ballots or where to find a voter guide.

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Finally on Election Day, Deb Walker and Allison Vincent-Beckman walked around downtown Colorado Springs! However, one of them was in a dinosaur costume. It brought a lot of smiles to people throughout the day and many many pictures and selfies were taken. Voter guides were also handed out and questions were answered. Overall, it was a positive event for the community on what can be a stressful day.

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Citizens Project staff served as official poll watchers. Election night polling centers on the southeast side of town were experiencing lines that were as much as 3 hours long. Our presence on the ground was essential in providing information to voters. Additionally, to encourage people to stay in line and vote, we brought in food and drink to help with hungry and restless children and voters.

Two first time voters!



Overall, Citizens Project is proud of the work we’ve done in the community this season. We reached out to thousands of voters and hopefully made an impact to have people vote. We can’t wait till April to continue this process!

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