Colorado Gives Day is Here!

Today is Colorado Gives Day, a day when your support of Citizens Project is amplified by the generosity of the Community First Foundation and FirstBank. By donating TODAY you are allowing us to take advantage of incentives that make your gift go even further toward our mission of promoting diversity, equality, and separation of church and state.

Your contribution will help us educate and empower voters in the Pikes Peak region; assist us in creating safe and inclusive learning environments in local schools; and provide a voice for disenfranchised members of our community.

Citizens Project was created out of an effort to stand up against hateful rhetoric and discriminatory legislation. We’ve been here for you, our community, our family, our friends, and our neighbors, sounding a clarion call to fight for justice and against oppression for almost 25 years.

We’ve been there, and we’ll be there. And we need your support – now more than ever. 

Stand with us against hate at:

                    Colorado Gives


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