Know Your Vote: The Voter Education Challenge

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The goal of the Voter Education Challenge is to harness the creative power and knowledge of students in the Pikes Peak region to create nonpartisan educational resources that can be used by community and government organizations to educate the community on the role and rights of people as voters and the American system of government.

Submissions will be accepted from March 1 to March 31, 2018
To submit your resource, email

Divisions and topics…

Middle School (Grades 6-8)
1. Voter Registration
2. Three Branches of Government
3. Function of Political Parties
o Example: Brochure outlining the steps needed to register as a voter in Colorado

High School (Grades 9-12)
1. Roles and Responsibilities of Local/State/Federal Government
2. Media’s Role in Politics
3. Colorado Blue Book Program
o Example: Music video that explains the differences between the levels of government (like School House Rock)

Collegiate/Community (Beyond Grade 12)
1. Unaffiliated Voters in 2018 Primary Elections in CO
2. Voter Rights
3. TABOR (Tax Payer Bill of Rights)
o Example: PowerPoint that could be used in citizenship class to explain the rights a voter has.

A few more details…

  • Winners will be announced a banquet on April 14 at the United States Air Force
    Academy and participants will share their projects with local government officials.
  • The winner of each division will receive $100, second place will receive $50, and third place will receive $25.
  • All participants will have their work considered for use by local organizations for public education.
  • The panel of judges will be composed of members of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society and Citizens Project.
    Contact with questions


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