2021 Legislation Monitoring

Citizens Project monitors bills every year at the Colorado State Legislature, and we report back to our community about bills we support and oppose, based on their alignment with our values of equity, inclusion, and justice. Below are the bills Citizens Project has taken a position on for 2021.

Citizens Project puts out calls to action for certain bills, and we publish a Legislator Report Card at the end of every Legislative Session, outlining how El Paso County Legislators voted on the bills we took positions on. If you would like to reach out to your representative about a bill, find contact information here.

The bills below have been organized by issue category.



HB21-1011 Multilingual Ballot Access for Voters

HB21-1047 County Commissioner Districts Gerrymandering

HB21-1071 Ranked Choice Voting in Nonpartisan Elections

SB21-250 Elections and Voting


HB21-1086 Voter Proof of Citizenship Requirement

SB21-010 Colorado Ballot Signature Verification Act


Separation of Church and State


HB21-1017 Protect Human Life at Conception




HB21-1108 Gender Identity Expression Anti-discrimination

SB21-026 Restoration of Honor Act




HB21-1075 Replace the Term Illegal Alien

HB21-1057 Extortion of Immigrants Engaging in Lawful Acts

HB21-1054 Housing Public Benefit Verification Requirement

HB21-1194 Immigration Legal Defense Fund

SB21-131 Protect Personal Identifying Information Kept by State

SB21-077 Remove Lawful Presence Verification

SB21-199 Remove Barriers To Certain Public Opportunities


Economic Justice


SB21-039 Elimination of Subminimum Wage Employment

SB21-087 Agricultural Workers’ Rights

HB21-1117 Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units




SB21-062 Jail Population Management Tools

SB21-124 Changes to Felony Murder

HB21-1250 Measures to Address Law Enforcement Accountability




SB21-116 Prohibit American Indian Mascots

SB21-029 Colorado American Indian Tribes In-state tuition


Equal Access


HB21-1072 Equal Access Services For Out-of-home Placements

HB21-1084 Drivers’ Licenses for Foster Children

HB21-1110 Colorado Laws for Persons with Disabilities


Health Equity


SB21-025 Family Planning Service for Eligible Individuals

SB21-009 Reproductive Health Care Program

SB21-181 Equity Strategic Plan Address Health Disparities