2022 Legislation Monitoring

Citizens Project monitors bills every year at the Colorado State Legislature, and we report back to our community about bills we support and oppose, based on their alignment with our values of equity, inclusion, and justice.

Below are the bills Citizens Project has taken a position on for 2022.

Citizens Project puts out calls to action for certain bills, and we publish a Legislator Report Card at the end of every Legislative Session, outlining how El Paso County Legislators voted on the bills we took positions on.

The bills below have been organized by issue category.



HB22-1086 The Vote Without Fear Act


HB22-1045 Statutory Initiative Petition Signature Requirements

HB22-1078 Voting Systems Standards Adoption

HB22-1084 Ineligible Jurors Voter Registration

HB22-1085 Paper Ballot Fraud Countermeasures

HB22-1204 Election Systems



SB22-109 Prohibit Labor Actions Against Public Employers

Policing / Crime/Judicial


SB22-001 Crime Prevention Through Safer Streets

SB22-010 Pretrial Diversion For Person With Behavioral Health

SB22-018 Expand Court Reminder Program

SB22-021 Treatment Behavioral Health Disorders Justice System

SB22-023 Deceptive Tactics Juvenile Custodian Interrogation

SB22-099 Sealing Criminal Records

SB22-103 Remedy For Improper Guilty Pleas



HB22-1049 Prohibiting Transcript And Diploma Withholding

HB22-1057 Public Employees’ Retirement Association Employment After Teacher Retirement

SB22-008 Higher Education Support For Foster Youth


HB22-1066 Public Education Curriculum And Professional Development Information

HB22-1069 Parent Authority To Request Public School Reforms

HB22-1136 Ultrasound Video Demonstration In Sex Education

HB22-1203 Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education

HB22-1206 Prohibit Discriminatory Practices In Schools

HB22-1236 Parent’s Bill Of Rights

SB22-039 Funding For Educational Opportunities

Equal Access


HB22-1038 Right To Counsel For Youth

HB22-1042 Teen Parent Driving Class

HB22-1051 Mod Affordable Housing Tax Credit

HB22-1082 Establish Fair Housing Unit Department Of Law

HB22-1102 Veterans And Military Status In Fair Housing

SB22-104 Tribal Governments Included In State Programs

Fiscal / Tax Policy/ Economic Justice


HB22-1083 Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit

HB22-1196 Pay Equity Study


HB22-1129 General Fund Surplus Rebates To Taxpayers

Health Equity/ Human Services


HB22-1035  Modernization Of The Older Coloradans’ Act

HB22-1055 Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products

HB22-1056 Emergency Temporary Care For Children

HB22-1065 Emergency Mental Health Treatment And Evaluation Standard

HB22-1153 Affirm Parentage Adoption In Assisted Reproduction

HB22-1169 Prohibit Sexual Act Without Consent

HB22-1279 Reproductive Health Equity Act


HB22-1047 Protecting Human Life At Conception

HB22-1079 Abolishing Abortion In Colorado