Be Courageous

“As a psychotherapist I know just how critical it is for people to feel respected and valued, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, socioeconomic status, physical ability, or religious and spiritual affiliation. For the last 25 years Citizens Project has helped people in the margins of society get their voices heard and rights respected. Whether training educators about the legalities of separation of church and state in public schools, standing against proposed resolutions that would undercut diversity, or providing nonpartisan information through voter guides, I know that Citizens Project is a vital part of what makes Colorado Springs a place where equality and diversity are welcomed and celebrated. As a citizen who happens to also be a disabled woman in a same sex marriage, I know Citizens Project is a powerful force standing at my side, and a crucial force for good in our community.” -Lisa




In 2015 there were 6885 bias motivated offenses committed in the U.S., 107 of them in CO. Citizens Project supports diversity and equality in our community.  No one should be targeted for being who he or she is.  There is a “Report an Incident” button on Citizens Project’s homepage. We are ready to stand up against discrimination in the Pikes Peak region.