Be Hopeful

“When we arrived in Colorado Springs in 1990, a concerted effort was underway to cleave citizen from citizen. Powerful voices in our community were raised to bar some in our community from equal protection. We questioned whether we could stay in a place so tainted by intolerance and exclusion. In that bleak time of hate, Citizens Project became a beacon of hope for us. Through the intervening years, Citizens Project has continued to stand for ALL citizens. From informative, non-partisan voter guides to the Citizen’s Religious Freedom Institute to issue advocacy, we are proud to be part of the Citizens Project family – standing together for an informed citizenry, equality, and diversity as core values for Colorado Springs! Citizens Project was our beacon in those dark times and is our ally in hope and inclusion, a strong voice that we are proud to support.  Citizens Project helped make Colorado Springs our home.” -Gail and Craig



Colorado’s reputation as a “hate state” created an environment that was hostile to LGBT people and LGBT-friendly businesses. Had it been allowed to stand, it could have cost the state economy millions of dollars, as well as kept talented people from relocating or doing business here. Citizens Project recognizes the value of a diverse culture and community and promotes respect for diversity and inclusion.