Be Just

“I am a Christian living in the city once called “ground zero for the religious right.“ This presents unique issues when I openly identify as a Christian: people on both the right and the left of the political spectrum make inaccurate assumptions about me. I am a progressive Christian and, frankly, as I read the words and deeds of Jesus, I find it hard to believe you can be anything but a believer in equality, diversity, the wrongness of hate and vitriol, and the need to be civil to all of God’s creatures if you identify as a Christian. Citizens Project actively protects those rights—I feel better about my place locally knowing CP is watching out for my values!” -Cynthia


For three years in a row, at least one “right to discriminate” bill has been introduced in the Colorado State Legislature all of which were sponsored by Colorado Springs senators or representatives. Citizens Project has been vigilant in our advocacy for equal rights and is proud to have been a vocal opponent of such bills.