Be Vigilant

In 1992, while searching for an organization opposed to Colorado Amendment 2, we came across Citizens Project.  The Amendment was sold as “no special rights” for sexual orientation, when, in our view, it meant “no rights.”  Amendment 2 passed; fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it as unconstitutional in 1996.

When we became active in Citizens Project, we discovered that one of the goals of the organization was the protection of separation of church and state.  As former public school teachers and administrators, we were passionate about this cause as it pertained to public schools.

We were instrumental in founding Citizens Project Religious Freedom Institute, which has educated several hundred teachers, administrators and parents about the legalities involved in church-state relations in public schools.  The Colorado Springs area has been fortunate that we have had no major organized threats to maintaining appropriate legal separation.  This is an area where we are confident that Citizens Project will continue to be proactive and ever vigilant.” -Ron and Diane