November 2009 Election Information

Here is your source for comprehensive information for voters in the Pikes Peak Region.

Important Dates & Registration Information

date calendarThis November 2009 Coordinated Election will be a mail-only ballot.

Public Forums and Candidate Survey

Listen to the Colorado Springs Ballot Measure Forum (with D-2 & D-11 School Board Candidates speaking at the end, on KRCC here.

You have many options to learn first hand about issues and meet candidates.

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What’s on the Ballot? Depends on Where you Live

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Colorado Springs voters will vote on two city ballot measures regarding taxes and city enterprises. Voters in 12 school districts will pick school board members, and Manitou Springs voters will elect a mayor, council members and decide on a city charter amendment.

2C & 300; Big Choices for COS on Taxes & Revenue

Citizens Project urges a Yes vote on Measure 2C and a No vote on Measure 300. Yet, as always, we want voters to be fully informed of their choices and thus bring you this plethora of information for your reading pleasure:

Read the Independent‘s endorsements here.

Measure 2C

Read the ballot language here.

Martin urges voters to support property tax increase
Gazette August 27, 2009

Unprecedented Gazette & Independent coordinated editorials
OUR VIEW: Vote for mill levy increase – Gazette September 9, 2009
Yes on 2C, No on 300 – Independent September 10, 2009

Council faces ‘horrific’ choices to balance city budget
Gazette October 9, 2009

Here’s an incredible piece by a local military wife:
Military Plea: Give us cover – Independent October 8, 2009

Gazette’s Data Geek Perry Swanson schools us in local property taxes

How Property Tax Hike Proposal Affects You
News Channel 13

Just how low are Springs property taxes?
John Hazlehurst, Colorado Springs Business Journal

Disabled fear being left stranded if city guts bus service
Gazette September 25, 2009

Yes on 2C campaign: A City Worth Fighting For

No on 2C campaigns:, Vote No 2C

Measure 300

Read the ballot language here.

OPINION: A second chance
Gazette June 26, 2009

Bruce initiative added to ballot; anti-tax crusader challenges council to debate
Gazette September 1, 2009

Did Bruce misfire with latest assault on stormwater fee?
Gazette September 29, 2009

GUEST COLUMNIST: 300 will end illegal city taxes, levied without vote
Gazette October 4, 2009

GUEST COLUMNIST: City can’t afford another revenue loss measure
Gazette October 4, 2009

No on 300 web site:

Yes on 300 campaign:


Live chat replay: Review the discussion about city ballot measures
Gazette September 30, 2009

2009 Colorado Springs City Budget

Citizens Project’s Positions – Yes on 2C, No on 300

Citizens Project urges a yes vote on measure 2C and a no vote on measure 300. For Citizens Project, the city’s budget crisis goes beyond what many of us think of as a quality of life issue. The projected reductions in city services threaten to literally cut some citizens off from their jobs, their family, and our community. For many low income, senior, and disabled residents, bus service and community centers are not mere amenities for entertainment or convenience that make life a little nicer. They are lifelines, making it possible for them to participate as full citizens in our community. These services are basic underpinnings of the equality and democracy that are necessary to guarantee a minimum standard of humanity.

Whether or not you believe there is wasteful spending in the city budget, or that our elected representatives should be more responsive and accountable, these are not reasons to allow the total de-funding of all community centers, all city funded bus service, and vital police and fire emergency services. Citizens Project urges you to make your voice heard in support of 2C. Get the facts and tell you friends, family and co-workers that this time we all need to support a modest tax increase to ensure the minimum in equal opportunity for all in our community.

Who Are These School Board Candidates Anyway?

Here is a comprehensive collection of news stories about school board elections.ballot box red white and blue school

Citizens Project’s Colorado Springs and School District 11, 20, and 49 Voter Guide

Citizens Project’s District 2 candidate survey guide

School board candidates finalized; 5 districts cancel elections
Gazette September 02, 2009

D-2 candidates stress achievement at a critical time
Gazette September 25, 2009

Differences among D-11 candidates subtle
Gazette September 26, 2009

D-49 candidates agree: Board needs harmony
Gazette October 2, 2009

D-8 school board candidates see growth as major challenge
Gazette September 18, 2009

D-38 board candidates disagree on district’s ‘crisis of confidence’
Gazette September 19, 2009

Calhan school board candidates confront declining enrollment
Gazette September 27, 2009