Our History

Our Founding

July 4, 1992

Citizens Project was founded by Amy Divine and Doug Triggs. About its beginning Amy writes, “The seed of Citizens Project began one morning over bagels and The Gazette at our kitchen table. Amendment 2 was on the horizon, at that point without organized opposition. And we just read that the…

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August 1, 1992

Doug Triggs serves as editor for Freedom Watch off and on for several years.

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Amendment 2 is Approved

November 3, 1992

In November 1992, with a 53 percent majority, Colorado voters approved the notorious Amendment 2. This measure, written by religious fundamentalists in Colorado Springs, would have amended the Colorado Constitution by making it illegal for governments to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Citizens Project became the vehicle for the…

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Fine Arts Center General Meeting

February 1, 1993

Thus nearly mythic meeting attracted between 400-800 (reports varied) residents, who supported tolerance, diversity and equality in our community. At subsequent meetings attendees broke into neighborhood groups, establishing the foundation for Citizens Project’s broad citizen activist network for years to come. Members monitored local schools and other community institutions to…

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Mission and Vision Statements

August 1, 1993

Citizens Project developed its first Mission and Vision statements: “Our vision is to create a community working beyond ignorance and prejudice where differences are respected, individual rights protected, and diversity is celebrated. Our mission is to uphold the ‘traditional American values of pluralism, freedom of religion and separation of church…

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Candidate Survey

November 1, 1993

Citizens Project publishes its first Candidate Survey, featuring Colorado Springs City Council candidates. Since then, Citizens Project has distributed candidate surveys every local election, establishing itself as an indispensable resource for civic engagement.

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