Dr Kimberly Dulaney has been in the Colorado Springs community for 11 years.  After working at Memorial hospital as a cardiologist for seven years she moved to Colorado Springs Cardiology part of the Penrose Hospital system and has been a partner now for three years.  She is a general invasive cardiologist who directs the Congestive Heart Failure Clinic, and works both in the inpatient and outpatient setting.

She joined Citizens Project because of the current threats to democracy, and inclusivity that exist under the current administration.  She has always advocated for Universal Health Care and recognizes that with this threat it is more important than ever to protect those who are under or uninsured which usually includes those without a voice.  She volunteered for years at the Peak Vista Sub-specialty clinic. She also serves on the American Heart Association board, and has just recently stepped down from being president.

She also has a husband who is an attorney in the community as well as two children who are very involved in sports and activities all over the community and can be seen most weekends on the baseball field, soccer sideline, or ballet studio supporting her kids.