Sky returned to Colorado Springs in December 2009, after a 26-year Air Force career and 12 years as CEO of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.  Currently principal of his own consulting company, he has taught for over 25 years at the graduate and undergraduate levels, most recently at the US Air Force Academy and as a Fulbright professor in the Czech Republic, and he continues to teach part-time in the Political Science Department at Colorado College.  He remains on the Board of the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council, after six years as its president, and is active in community outreach at First Congregational Church.

As a scholar, observer, and practitioner of politics and policy-making, Sky is deeply concerned that we do not take for granted the benefits of our democracy.  It takes hard work to sustain a vibrant democracy—critical thinking; an open mind; and empathy for those who look and believe differently than we are essential. Citizens Project is committed to strengthening these core civic values within our community at a time when they are so severely threatened.