Separation of Church and State

Current Efforts

Citizens Project is dedicated to separation of church and state by ensuring our public institutions remain religiously neutral. We accomplish this mission primarily through educational initiatives in our community about rights that all Coloradans hold, and about how educators and public officials can incorporate best practices into their work.

CRFI 2013

We hold workshops with teachers and students at schools to help teach these best practices so that everyone knows how to advocate for themselves and others.

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Past Accomplishments

Past efforts have included the annual Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute, a seminar on how the First Amendment to the US Constitution protects religious freedom in public schools. For teachers, students, parents, administrators, staff, school board members, and the public.

“[The Citizens Project Citizens Religious Freedom Institute] was a great professional development opportunity. I believe it should be a requirement for all administrators in school districts or at least the principals. I continue to see violations of what was presented which is not aligned with developing ’21st Century Learners.’ Thank YOU for all that you do to represent all citizens.” – Jeanne W., Citizens Project Supporter, 2016

CRFI 2013

CRFI 2013

Participants learn:

  • How the law defines religious freedom in the public school setting,
  • Best practices for respecting all students’ religious freedom, and
  • How to be an advocate for religious freedom in your school.


CRFI 2016







Citizens Project has also produced Religious Freedom Toolkits, guidebooks for community members to navigate separation of church and state in their public spaces.

2015 Citizens’ Religious Freedom Toolkit

2012 Citizens’ Religious Freedom Institute Toolkit