School Board Election Statement

In School Board Elections, Stand Up for Values – They Are Nonpartisan

As we approach the November 2nd elections, Citizens Project has moderated, with our community partners, a number of School Board candidate forums, including for Districts D2 and D11. We have also published responses by candidates to our questions found HERE

In these efforts, our purpose is to provide a nonpartisan service of helping inform voters in our region.  Citizens Project is not partisan and does not endorse particular candidates; this year is no exception.

However, when candidates make the election about values that are core to Citizens Project’s mission—equity, inclusion, and justice—Citizens Project also has an obligation to defend those values.  Moreover, we have an obligation to highlight to all of you that these values are, in effect, also on the ballot.

Specifically, we note that in some School Board debates, “equity” has become a focal point of contention.  This was especially true in School District 11, in which the current School Board adopted, in May 2020, and begun implementation of an “equity policy” (see www.d11.org/equity).  Citizens Project applauds District 11 for this effort and notes that some candidates for School Board have made it clear that they intend to remove this policy.

Similar debates—whether about equity or about approaches to teaching the roots of systemic racism—have animated other school board candidate debates as well.  (Citizens Project’s statement on Critical Race Theory can be found here[insert link].)

We leave it to voters to inform themselves about candidates in whatever election they may be voting. We also view it as important to highlight policy issues that impact our core values of equity, inclusion, and justice.  Values are not partisan, and we do not intend to be silent when our core values are at stake.

Please vote—local elections can shape our lives at least as much as national elections.

Schuyler Foerster, Board Chair