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Citizens Project raises $2,685.87 through Give! Campaign

Thanks to the generosity of supporters in this community and Give! Campaign partners, Citizens Project raised more than $2,500 in the inaugural Give! Campaign. Congratulations to all participating organizations on a tremendous success, and thank you to all the philanthropists who gave through the campaign!  Pictured above: Executive Director Barb Van Hoy with Independent publisher John Weiss and a really, really big check!

City’s Light Pole Banner Story on KRDO

Here's Tak Landrock's story about the banner issue: KRDO Banner Story Citizens Project is working to ensure that the U.S. Constitution's religious freedom guarantees are upheld in the new city's code regulating such banners.

Extra! Extra! Read our most recent Freedom Watch Online!

Hear what Citizens Project executive director Barb Van Hoy has to say about our nation's founding principles, read about religious freedom in the United States, and catch up on the latest Plus One news! Check out the December edition of Freedom Watch Online!