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“Over”: Citizens Project launches provocative campaign

You might have already seen our brightly colored billboards all over town! Citizens Project recently launched the 2015 awareness campaign, "Over." In thought provoking and visually appealing messages, Citizens Project challenges the individuals in the Pikes Peak region to consider what values they hold most dear. So, what do YOU believe in? We are grateful for the generosity of Lunchbucket Creative, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, and the Colorado Springs Independent for making this possible.  

Citizens Project interview with KGNU Radio!

Citizens Project was recently interviewed by Mike Gage for KGNU radio's Dot Org program. Check it out here and thanks to Mike and KGNU!

It’s a Springs Thing.

Citizens Project  launched an awareness campaign this week that simultaneously highlights the strides made in the areas of diversity, equality, religious freedom, and civic engagement and invites participation in creating a more inclusive community. The awareness campaign is designed to be aspirational: shifting the conversation about the Colorado Springs community to highlight its successes rather than call attention to its deficits. The campaign includes billboards, social media, print, and online ads, and was made possible through the generosity of Lunchbucket Creative, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, the Colorado Springs Independent, and ...

Check Out Our Streetbeat Interview!

We recently had the privilege to talk with Coba Hoban of KRXP and KILO about Citizens Project and Indy Give! The interview aired on Sunday morning at 6 am, but for those of you who might have missed it, we have a copy of it for you here! Additionally, check out our page on the Indy Give! website and make a donation! www.indygive.com/cp

Citizens Project’s Awareness Campaign Makes a Splash on Reddit

If you’re a fan of Reddit, you may have seen a thread on Citizens Project’s most recent billboard campaign.  Reddit users were quite interested in a picture someone took of one of our billboards.  While the billboard may have caused the original poster some confusion, there was much discussion about campaign. To clarify, we would like to say that the purpose of this campaign was two-fold: to demonstrate where we are, where we're going, and what our role is, and to stimulate conversation.  Thus, we consider the discussion on Reddit a success; we are excited to have people interested in Citizens Project and, more importantly, the direction of ...

Divine Award Celebration honors, inspires

Nearly 150 community members gathered at Citizens Project's Divine Award Celebration on February 5 to honor the 2013 Divine Award recipient, Sharon Friedman. Photos courtesy of Rob Larimer: